Easy holiday decorations you can use year round

Here’s a quick holiday decorating tip. Stretch several strings between the light fixtures in your ceiling so you can hang various decorations from them. Just switch out the decorations based on the season. If it’s Halloween, hang some spooky bats and spiders. Then, when Christmas rolls around, hang Christmas ornaments and some mistletoe.

It only takes a few minutes to set up, but can be reused all year round for years to come.

Here’s how to do it

If you have recessed or pocket-lights in your home you can wrap string around the fixture that sits flush to the ceiling and stretch that string across multiple lights to create a web or latticework of strings you can then hang decorations from.

If you do not have recessed lighting, just use some eye hooks arranged to make a grid pattern.

To add an element of depth, cut strings of varying length and hang them from the strings between each of the lights. Then, to make it easy to change out for each season, add some Christmas ornament hooks at the end of each of the hanging strings.

Get creative with your decorations. Even just searching Amazon for “wood shapes” will get you lots of options to choose from. Some of the shapes will already have holes for you to hang the hooks on, but if they don’t, just drill a small hole for the hook to go through. Play around with where you drill the hole to change how the ornament hangs. For instance, drilling holes in the wings of wooden bats—rather than a hole right in the center—will make it look like they’re flying around.

I’d love to see how you got creative with these ideas! Share what you’ve made in the comments below.

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